Sensei Brian Toomey 6th Dan

Sensei Brian Toomey has been practising karate for over 35 years.

Sensei Toomey received his first lesson in Fermoy Karate Club from Tom Abbernetty and has gone to train under Shihan Asai and Kato.

As Karate is continuing to change and develop he feels that you have to keep getting this level of instruction for your own karate to progress. He likes nothing better than to pass on his knowledge and experience to other students.

Sensei Toomey has represented Ireland as competitor, Coach/Manager and as a referee down through the years and is well respected on the International Karate Circuit.

As head of the International Japan Karate Association in Ireland he is constantly organising seminars, championships and courses, which are always open to other organisations and Associations

The aim of the IJKA is to foster the true spirit of karate and develop international relations between countries under the guidence of world class instructors such as Shihan Kato (9th Dan). Here in Ireland we hold true to this aim by teaching karate in our clubs all over Ireland and by holding international competitions and courses attended by people from all over the world. It is in this fashion that we hope to grow and develop the IJKA and ourselves further. All styles and organisations are welcome to attend IJKA courses.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Kombatan Instructors Class

Last Sunday sensei Brian Toomey and senior club members who hold a Lakan status ( Blackbelt ) in Kombatan travelled to Grangecross Budo Centre in Ovens to attend an instructors class. The event was a great success with students travelling from Dublin, Waterford and Wexford to watch and train with the master. The course dealt with use of basic and advanced self defence techniques against both armed and unarmed aggression, Jess is a wonderful instructor and made it all look so easy. We would like to thank him for his hospitality on the day which as always was second to none,salamat. Fermoy Karate Club holds a Kombatan class on every third Tuesday of each month and you are welcome to come along and check it out.
Congratulations to Callum Murphy on passing his recent grading examination with a fantastic performance earning him a well deserved 7th kyu.
Training times are as follows : Junior Beginners 7pm on Thursday, Advanced Beginners, and older children 8pm Tuesday and Thursday, Senior All Grades 9pm Tuesday and Thursday. A special advanced kata class is held each Sunday at 11am. All classes are held in our dojo which is located on the Mallow Road next to the Texaco filling station.
Fermoy Karate Club is an inclusive sports club in that we welcome students with mobility issues or special needs, karate is a wonderful sport that is open to all. If you have any queries or for further information contact Brian on 0872500783.
Keep practising, until next week osu.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tetsuhiko Asai

Monday night at 8:00 we will be holding a memorial class dedicated to Tetsuhiko Asai

Tetsuhiko Asai
Born June 7, 1935
Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Died August 15, 2006 (aged 71)
Liver cancer
Style Shotokan Karate
Teacher(s) Gichin Funakoshi, Masatoshi Nakayama, Teruyuki Okazaki
Rank 10th dan karate (JKS)
Spouse Keiko Asai
Children Hoshimi Asai
Notable students Kenneth Funakoshi, Andre Bertel, Kousaku Yokota

Sunday, July 24, 2011